La Merca Travel

Terms & Conditions


Regular Tours DO NOT INCLUDE porter service at hotels. Please give them a tip.

Hotel Check-in and Check-out:
Hotel check-in is from 3:00 pm onwards and check-out is until 12:00 pm.

Guides and Drivers:

Tour Guides and Drivers earn a significant portion of their income from tips. Please always give them a tip. It is recommended $4 USD per day per person for the guide and $3 USD per day per person for the driver.

Breakfasts and Dinners:

All our Tours include a buffet breakfast at hotels unless the itinerary description says otherwise. Our Tours can also be booked with half board (breakfasts and dinners at hotels).

Cancellation Fees (for Israel or any other destination operated by La Merca Travel):

Cancellation 61 Days or more before arrival at the destination, no cancellation fees.
Cancellation 46 to 60 Days before arrival at the destination, a 25% fee will apply.
Cancellation 31 to 45 Days before arrival at the destination, a 50% fee will apply.
Cancellation 16 to 30 Days before arrival at the destination, a 75% fee will apply.
Cancellation less than 15 Days before arrival at the destination, a 100% fee will apply.
For No Show, or if entry to the destination is denied to the Passenger, a 100% fee will apply.

Flight information must be provided no later than 30 days before the start of services; failure to provide this information may result in transfer confirmation not being guaranteed.

Included Transfers and Special Transfers:

  • When a passenger purchases one of our Regular Tours, we include arrival and departure transfers at no additional cost. These transfers, from the Airport to the Tour Hotel (at the beginning) and from the Tour Hotel to the Airport (at the end), are a service we provide whenever these transfers are at the beginning or end of the Tour (start day and end day of the Tour).
  • When a passenger purchases additional nights before or after the Tour, arrival and departure transfers are NOT included in the Tour price and will be invoiced according to the transfer fees listed in the Rate Sheet if required.
  • If a Passenger books additional nights in a city different from where the Tour starts or ends, i.e., if they “change” cities between additional nights and the Tour, the transfer for the “city change” is NOT included and will be invoiced according to the transfer fees listed in the Rate Sheet if required.

Transfers included in the Tour price, at no additional cost, are the arrival and departure transfers, provided these transfers are on the Tour start day and Tour end day.

Transfer Waiting Time:

Our staff will be at the airport for a MAXIMUM OF 90 MINUTES from the landing of the passengers’ arrival flight.

Travel Insurance:

The majority of the buses operating Tours in different destinations worldwide have passenger coverage insurance in the event of a car accident. However, it is essential to know that these insurances do not cover certain damages or losses, in addition to being very basic insurances. Therefore, we recommend and ask all travel agencies and their respective clients to please have all passengers purchase in their country a comprehensive travel insurance policy, regardless of the chosen destination, among other things, for possible cancellation costs. LA MERCA COMPANY LLC and its subsidiary LA MERCA TRAVEL are not responsible for luggage loss, damage, accidents en route, or illness causing the loss of part of the visits on the itinerary or even the return to the country of origin. The Company is not responsible for any delay, cancellation, or change of flight route, as well as illness or even loss of life of any passenger. Any travel agency that contracts our services is aware that LA MERCA TRAVEL only acts as an intermediary between the travel agency and the local tour operator at the destination.

It is important for you (travel agencies – business partners) to be aware that our Guaranteed Departures, as well as custom trips, DO NOT include Medical Expense Insurance during walking transfers, tours, and transfers inside and outside the bus, visits to parks and historical sites, as well as any personal outings for shopping, voluntary walks in free time, or going out for dinner on your own in the evening, or any breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as any other activity that is or is not part of the expedition. We highly recommend purchasing Medical Expense Insurance for greater protection.

When undertaking this expedition, you and your families are aware of everything stated in this document related to Medical Expense Insurance. We recommend and ask again that you please acquire Medical Expense Insurance for your trips as a preventive measure and additional protection against any unforeseen events. The above is for your own benefit and that of your families.

Some companies specialized in travel insurance are:

Payments, Deposits, and Bank Transfers

Payment for our services can be made through ZELLE transfer (United States travel agencies, or those with a bank account in the United States). Payments can also be made through a Bank Transfer. There are 2 expenses in every Bank Transfer: local bank charges and intermediary bank charges for international transfers. Both expenses must be paid at the source, i.e., by the Travel Agency or the Passenger sending the Bank Transfer. It is your responsibility to provide precise instructions to your Bank. This way, we will receive the total net amount invoiced, and no expenses that we are not responsible for will be deducted from us. A 3.5% additional charge will apply for credit card payments.


Full payment must be covered 100% no later than 45 calendar days before the start of the expedition.
In case the travel agency/passenger does not fully pay 100% of the total payment by the predefined date in the previous point, LA MERCA TRAVEL reserves the right to separate the advance and keep it for a future expedition of the passenger, while also reserving the right to cancel their spot for the current trip.
Advances in GUARANTEED DEPARTURES must be paid as soon as possible to guarantee and reserve your spot.



LA MERCA COMPANY LLC and its subsidiary LA MERCA TRAVEL, declare that they act solely as an intermediary between Travel Agencies and transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, and other service providers. Therefore, they disclaim all responsibility for losses, thefts, accidents, delays, force majeure, strikes, natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other causes.


Prices are per person per night in USD (US dollars), based on double occupancy, unless the itinerary indicates otherwise.

There is no refund for excursions, hotels, or meals not taken during the course of the excursion.

LA MERCA COMPANY LLC and its subsidiary LA MERCA TRAVEL reserve the right to cancel, modify, or not refund in case of phenomena such as TSUNAMIS, EARTHQUAKES, and WAR EXPLOSIONS.